Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The LJ's

The LJ's were Joey Shaaf, and Lint. Some of these songs come from Joey's site, Loudrockmusic, which really awesome. It has a lot of interesting stuff about operation ivy, and related bands such as schlong and the dancehall crashers .Definitely read his bio, and make sure to read the part about operation ivy's "practice pad demo, check out the sample (under mp3s) it sounds amazing! The following summary is from the site:

The LJs first began playing in Albany, CA in 1988 and created music into the early 1990's. Tim Armstrong, Joey Schaaf and Matt Freeman lived together in Albany, CA during most of the time of Operation Ivy was an active band. Their house was OpIvy headquarters as well as a crash pad for many of the out of town punk bands that played at the local all age club called The Gilman Street Project, which was just down the street. Joey had a 4 track tape recorder, some microphones and various instruments and was recording his original music in the livingroom of the little rental house where they all lived. One night Tim and Joey got together and jammed some ska songs on acoustic guitars. There was a large stack of song lyrics Joey had written laying open near by. Tim thumbed through the lyrics and began to put them to ska style chord patterns he made up. Some LJs songs were created this way and others were total on the spot improvisation. Many nights and afternoons Tim (Lint) and Joey would sit around in play guitar and sing their songs. One afternoon while jamming Joey turned on the 4 track recorder and let it roll. After laying down the live rhythm guitar, 2nd guitar and two part vocals, Joey added harmonica, bongos, piano, shakers and layers of backing vocals and created the final mix. Rockesh, who had been the drummer in the band "Hunde Scheibe" which also included Dave and Pat Mello, joined in playing the xylophone on "Your Drunk Again".


She's Drunk Again
War Between Races
Double Stack Radio
Bad Policeman
Don't Give In
Ain't No Time Like The Present

 I decided to include the chords to this one because it's a lot of fun and really simple to play on guitar.
The chords seem pretty obvious but if anyone thinks I got them wrong, please comment! 

War between Races-The LJ’s (warzone cover)


A                      E                        D                    A
Your prejudiced ways - are so fucked up

A                                           E
You've closed your mind
D                      A
I can't get in
Look at color - not within
How many must die
In front of your eyes
Use your brain - help to stop
E                                    A
War between Races
I got a gun to my head
Knife to your back
Kill everyone
Nowhere to run
I wonder how - it all started
Time is now to stop and think
You might be next, watch your back
You've got a choice - tie to act
War Between Races
Gun to my head
Knife to your back
Kill everyone
I got Nowhere to run

Verse Chords

D                                                A               E          D       A
Your prejudiced ways - are so fucked up
(repeat with verse chords basically as long as you want for the outro)


  1. This Is Joey,,
    When playing the open chords A, E, D, keep your pinky finger on the G note (high E string on the third fret) throughout the entire chord sequence for each chord.

    1. Thanks Joey!
      Do you also play a D on the B string during the riff?

      If you don't want these songs up for download, just tell me and I'll take them down.

  2. The riff? Are you referring to the main chord pattern?

    The chord pattern for the verses goes like this;
    (Use open chords)
    A7 - Emaj w/ G - D Suspended 4th - A7

    *Keep your pinky on the G (first string/third fret) for each chord during the verses.

    The chorus is;
    E - A - E - A - E - A - E - A - D

    Btw... It is okay if you have the LJS songs posted for DL here. Thanks for asking for permission. There are 14 songs all together and a 40 min. unedited track of all the songs and out takes which is for sale on my web site for $10.00 plus shipping cost according to your location.

    If you have any more questions about the LJs music, chords, lyrics, background information feel free to ask me.